Rainbow hunt

Would you like to go on a hunt with me

to find a rainbow,

Would you let me

to take you on this journey,

I want to go looking for this

short swatch of colorful bands,

to cherish with you once again

the magic of our joined hands,

the seven colors of romance

I want to see in your eyes

and wish for your happiness

to soar and glide,

So, would you like to tag along

as I will drive you out of a rainstorm,

chasing away the clouds so heavy

finding our way back to blissful home.

Would you like to see

the moment that is ephemeral,

where our love is like white light of emotion,

geared up to set free into colors iridescent

welcoming our unification,

Would you like to join me

as we travel rough roads in its exploration,

crossing bridges and moving boulders,

I would like you to accompany me

and see the rainbow

that speaks directly to our senses and soul

filling us up with emotions of love and awe,

all because,

I want you to know and see for yourself

that like rainbow

our love is a precious amalgamation of rain and sun

where troubles of today will give away

to the strength of us standing as one,

Would you like to trust me

and come along in this journey

to watch a rainbow

where I will be just gazing at you dumbstruck

as I would have found my rainbow in you my love.

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