A memoir of the thoughts that came out of nowhere, take away sleep for hours and upended many basics and reasoning zillion times….This blog is to pen down my crazy ideas, random thoughts and blissful moments.

I am an avid observer of activities happening in my surroundings and I love to travel and explore new places.


And during all these traveling and observing many ideas and feelings spring up in my mind and take residence there for days (sometimes fortnight too. And soon the anxiety comes into the picture and doesn’t go away till the idea/thought/feeling has been penned down to keep a memory.

A memory that I will cherish forever and the random thoughts that otherwise be forgotten in the adrenaline and euphoria of the moment.

By and large this blog, “a collection of day to day experiences of my life” helps me to keep hold of all these memories and also give me a joy of sharing a story or something valuable with others. Call it a different perspective or an indifferent way out for looking for certain things; it is this practice that keeps me happy and zippy and thus I play along. 

So, for the thoughts and feelings that sprung up while traveling, walking unknown paths, exploring new places, climbing new heights, traversing woods, crossing rivers, while reading, drawing, watching and observing a whole lot of ancillary things. 

A memorabilia of my journey throughout of PLAYING ALONG rather being PLAYED ALONG. 

The blog has four sections namely,

Nature & travel – for observations and experiences from travel and watch nature

Thoughts @ random – for random thoughts about anything and everything.

Photolog – for stories behind my certain photographs. All the photographs in this section are clicked my be 🙂

Fiction – as the name suggests this is purely a section of imagined thinking

Stay glued 🙂

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About me


I am Kritika.

I am just a girl living my life, experiencing new things, working my way through everything, but the most important thing is I am learning. Every day, every activity, every object and sometimes nothing teaches me and I share that here, on this platform.

I am an environment professional which is fitting considering my fondness for plants and inclination towards nature and resource conservation.

I love watching things and find magic in movements or processes taking place. for example, watching the raindrops falling in a line or tracing the movement of a falling leaf. Such simple but distinguish processes astonishes me and inspire me to write about them. Also, I love reading (lots of reading) and observing. I like being transported to another place, to live a day in a life of someone else. Thus, you will see that most of my posts revolve around such topics.

My words are not grandiose. They are based on my own life and experiences

I believe life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. So, here I am taking the opportunity to share my words to weave magic and spreading goodness to carve myself into an improvised version of myself. Hope you like reading this and will continue to hear from me through my posts. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. 

Enjoy reading.


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Liste de voyage

A list of all the places visited by me 🙂

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